Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor - Easy & Simple To Use

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    We are also providing a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor with compact design at a lower price.

    Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor - Easy & Simple To Use
    Simple Doppler baby heart rate monitor that helps you listen into the miracle of life. This simple to use Doppler let you listen to you baby's heart beat without the need of leaving your living room.

    Mothers can finally experience the joy of listening to their unborn baby's heart beat, with out having to get in the car and go on a stressful drive to the hospital. The built-in speaker along with the earphone input allows for optional listening of the baby's heart beat. With the loud onboard speaker, you can share your joy with family and friends. And if you are a computer savvy individual, then you can also use a 3.5mm jack cable to connect this baby heart rate monitor to your computer and record your baby's heart beat using the already provided sound recorder in the Windows operating system.

    This pocket sized portable heart rate monitor only requires 2 AA batteries to power-up and your good to go, allowing you to take your new Doppler heart rate monitor with you anywhere. The H23 is the simple version of our Doppler heart rate monitors. This model comes with a simple power ON/OFF button, earphone input and volume control. Straight from the box, insert two AA batteries and start listening to you baby's heart beat, and feel the joy that every mother does.

    The CVLT-H23 comes in a compact form factor designed to withstand repeated usage without wearing out or breaking. This extremely useful Doppler heart rate monitor is available in stock now for single and bulk purchases. Order yours today, and experience the divine pleasure of listing to your baby's heart beat right in your home.

    • Easy & Simple To Use
    • Doppler Heart Rate monitor
    • Use Earphone of Built-in Speaker


    • Primary Function: Baby Heart Rate monitor
    • Normal Frequency: 2.0MHz
    • Working Frequency: 2.0MHz +/-10%
    • Ultrasonic Output Intensity: Ista<5 mW/cm2


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    From which month of pregnancy can I hear the baby's heart sounds with the help of this doppler? [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include the item number with your inquiry.

    2014-02-25 06:37:17 Dr utkarsha

    Hi does This item come with the gel as well? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. This item comes with gel.

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    How do I order [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the link below for how to order online instructions.

    2012-04-05 14:29:44 sharmequia

    Awesome product.

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