Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder (4GB Memory + USB Drive) - Multifunction

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    Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder (4GB Memory + USB Drive) - Multifunction Digital Voice Recorder
    Updated on 2012-09-13
    If you love gadgets that know how to multitask then you're going to love this amazing digital audio recorder. Not only is it a handy device for capturing your thoughts and taking minutes at a meeting, it's also an excellent telephone recorder, and MP3 player!
    Stylish and compact, the CVJP-L05 offers one touch recording when you want it, and different quality recording modes when you need it. Record on the fly, set up voice activated recording, or even schedule recordings for a future date. Why would you need that?  Maybe you suspect your girlfriend of having steamy conversations while you're at work. Perhaps you're convinced little Bobby is calling his girlfriend instead of his pals for homework help. Maybe you just want to hear what Carl and Lenny are saying about when you're away from your cubicle. Whatever the reason why buy a standalone digital voice recorder when this baby does so much more...
    Selling for so much less than comparable voice recorders, this USB digital voice and telephone recorder is a mean entertainment unit too! It plays MP3s! With 4GB internal memory, you can load in roughly 400 songs for hours and hours of listening pleasure. Best of all, no external batteries and cables are needed. It has a built in USB interfaced rechargeable battery for ease and convenience. Click "Add to Cart" right away to buy one for your home, office, or car and then stock your online store with this incredible all in one gadget - from the online leader in direct from China wholesale electronics - Ankaka.

    Multifunction Digital Voice Recorder
    Up to 560 hours of Audio Recordings
    Voice Activated and Scheduled Recordings
    Cableless USB Rechargeable Battery
    Great MP3 Player!

    Manufacturer Specifications
    Main Function: Digital Audio Recorder
    Additional Functions: Telephone Conversation Recorder, Music Player, USB Flash Drive
    -Type: Built-in Flash
    -Capacity: 4GB
    -Formatting: FAT
    -Type: Built-in Rechargeable
    -Source: On board USB Connector or AC Adapter
    -Modes (LP, SP, HP)
    -Formats (ACT, WAV, MP3)
    Recording Bit Rates
    LP - 32 Kbps
    SP - 128 Kbps
    HP - 192 Kbps
    Recording times (4GB)
    LP - 280 Hrs
    SP - 70 Hrs
    HP - 46 Hrs
    Playback Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, ACT
    USB Device: 2.0
    Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
    SNR: 80 dB (MP3)
    Maximum Output: 10mW
    Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
    Operating Systems: Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) /Windows7 (drivers are included for installation on Windows 98 systems)
    Dimensions: 95mm x 28mm x 8mm (L x W x D)
    Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleDU7YGIEKEMCS

    Notes from Manufacturers
    Voice activated recording with 4 sensitivity levels
    Is a great mp3 player too!
    Can save up to 200 individual sound files
    Useful schedule in advance recording feature
    Bundled software for ACT to WAV conversion

    Package List
    Model CVJP-L05 Digital Audio Recorder (4GB)
    User Manual - English
    Telephone Recorder Adapter
    3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable
    RJ11 Male to Male Cable
    AC Adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • I don't want to listen in on my girlfriend's conversations with this product. They're usually boring and she only ever talks about shoes. Who else can I listen in on?
      One practical use is taping conversations you have with customer service departments. For example, let'ss say you're calling a bank to ask about a certain rate and then you discover later they misquoted you the information, you'd have a backup of your conversation as proof. Check with your country's laws however since in certain jurisdictions you must tell people you are taping the conversation before you do so.
    • This product is great, but I keep leaving it in the car which is where I use it half the time. Then when I get home and I need it, I am too lazy to walk out to the car to retrieve it. Help!
      After careful consideration and consultation with our technical and logistics department, we feel we have the perfect solution--buy another unit. In fact, by two more. One for home and one for the office. :)

      This product was added to our catalog on Friday 31 July, 2009.


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    I am trying to be able to record an interview I will be conducting over the telephone; will this device record both sides of the conversation? How do I hook it up to a phone? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, it can record the conversation of both sides. Pls refer to the instruction on our photo to connect it to a phone. Pls email if you have any further questions.

    2011-11-04 16:16:09 Traci

    How long will the battery last... a) ...when recording? b) voice-activated-recording standby? [ANKAKA REPLIED]It can last 8 hours recording time after being fully charged. It has voice-activated function.

    2011-10-10 17:56:41 Simon