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    Digital Light Meter - LuxMeter x100 - Handheld digital lux meter
    The CVHM-G93LuxMeter x100is a new high sensitivity digital light meter that gives you the ability to accurately measure high or low levels of light from 1 - 100,000 lux. Its easy to use with a simple slide-locking function switch, has a swivel sensor head, and is portable sized for easier carrying in the field.

    This advanced light meter precisely measures illumination at levels as low as 1 lux and auto recalculates itself 2 times per second to give you the most accurate data possible. It has a 4 digit display, runs on a standard 9V battery, includes a data hold switch, and includes a great swivel head feature to help you aim the sensor exactly at the area you want to measure. The CVHM-G93 has all the features you really need without adding in features you will never use, therefore making it the most useful and budget-friendly unit on the market today!

    Who needs a digital light meter? Anyone who needs a precise measurement of spot and ambient light levels. In other words, any professional whose work is impacted by an environments' lighting. These include the following professions;
    1. Architects
    2. Interior Designers
    3. Photographers
    4. Food Inspectors
    5. Property Managers
    6. Lighting Designers
    7. Building Inspectors

    With the perfect combination of product features and ease of use, this digital light meter brings accurate light measurement to everyone who needs it, and finally provides it at a factory direct price! If you have been putting off getting a good light meter because it cost too much or was too difficult to use, now you finally have one you can be happy with - the CVHM-G93LuxMeter x100. In stock in our warehouse, order yours today and be taking in-field light measurements next week! Add it to your cart right now to make your job a little easier and more rewarding.


    • Handheld digital lux meter
    • Swivel head for easy aiming of sensor
    • Reads a full 1-100,000 lux range
    • Includes deluxe carrying case
    • Budget friendly LuxMeter x100

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: Digital Lightmeter
    • Photo Detector: One Silicon Photo Diode with Filter
    • Sampling Rate: 2 times per second
    • Repeatability: +/- 2%
    • Head Swivel: 270 degrees
    • Hold Button Type: Constant
    • Power: 9V battery
    • Operating Temperature: -0 to 40 degrees C
    • Dimensions:
      - Whole Unit: 165mm x 65mm x 28mm (L x w x H)
      - Photo Sensor: 25mm (diameter)
    • ISO9001: YES
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleEC84D493E68D

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Highly portable with easy grip handle, the CVHM-G93 is the product of choice for the interior designer or photographer that needs an accurate yet simple to use digital luxmeter
    • Cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light
    • Casing is rugged valox thermoplastic in ergonomic design for holding ease
    • No annoying "auto off" feature. There is nothing worse than the meter display turning off in the middle of setting up your photo shoot, right? With this model the display and measurement keeps going until you switch the unit off.

    Package List for Model CVHM-G93

    • Digital Light Meter
    • Deluxe Carrying Case
    • Instructions - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • I live in the United States and keep seeing sites telling me about footcandles (FC's) and not Lux. Can I still use this product to measure light levels?
      Certainly! Lux is the metric style measurement of light. If you want to convert Lux to FC just divide the result on the meter by 10.752.
    • So what exactly does a light meter do?
      A digital luxmeter is used for checking the level of illuminance, the light falling on a surface. Illuminance is defined as "the density of the luminous flux (light) incident on a surface".
    • If I sit in my living room and point the meter at my neighbors house will it tell me how much light is trespassing into my home from their floodlights?
      Yes it will.

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