Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Compact and Portable

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    Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with automatic inflation and intelligent deflation
    • Accurate blood pressure measurements with the simple push of a button - no adjustments necessary
    • Large and easy to read digital display
    • Compact and portable - ideal for home and travel
    • Memory feature to keep a record of your daily readings
    • Perfect gift for yourself, parents, grand parents, and friends

    Taking your blood pressure is easy with this Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. Receive an accurate and reliable blood pressure reading in seconds and save yourself a trip to the hospital!

    This Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is the easiest way to take blood pressure readings at home and is the ideal solution for those who do not have the time or energy to visit the hospital. Just attach the cuff to your wrist (fits most all sizes) and press start for accurate, clinically proven readings in just seconds! The large, easy to read digital display will show systolic pressure (high blood pressure), diastolic pressure (low blood pressure), and heart pulse, letting you know if you should start changing your lifestyle.

    This Digital Blood Pressure Monitor includes a memory feature for storing up to 60 previous results, allowing you to keep a record of your blood pressure history. The light and portable size makes it great for taking with you when you need it and also makes for a perfect gift for your parents, grand parents, and friends.

    If you were curious about your blood pressure, but don't feel like a trip to the hospital, this Digital Blood Pressure monitor is for you! Best of it, it's available at an unbeatable price and with our famous 12-month satisfaction warranty. Click on "Add To Cart" right now and we will express ship yours out tomorrow - guaranteed!


    • Primary Function: Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Measuring range: 0 - 300mmHg/0 - 40.0kPa
    • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.4kPa/ ± 3mmHg
    • Min. scale: 0.1kPa/1mmHg
    • Memory: 60 entries
    • Auto shut - off (30sec after idle)
    • Battery: 2x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Battery life: Approx. 2 months (When used 3min per day)
    • Wrist Cuff Size: 120mm to 250mm
    • Size: 65 x 78 x 28mm
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEFLKJA90210

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Measures systolic pressure (high blood pressure), diastolic pressure (low blood pressure, and heart rate
    • Runs on 2x AAA batteries
    • Auto shut - off (30sec after idle)
    • Extremely portable, perfect for home, office, or travel
    • Attached cuff for wrist sizes 120mm to 250mm

    Package List for ZTR - H43

    • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
    • User Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • How do I make sense of the blood pressure readings?
      You can use the chart we have provided on the box or search online for more detailed information.

    • Ordering from Ankaka provides you with the following benefits;
      - Orders processed and shipped within 24 - hours
      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC
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    Thanks to ankaka for the product 'Digital Blood Pressure Monitor-Compact and Portable' they offer. To tell you the truth, I am well convinced with the quality of the cited product. The most important aspect of the product is its exact measurement of blood pressure and ready-made service that it provides at your home. Reading out is so easy that the old and kids can handle it comfortably. Digital Blood Pressure and Monitor that I purchased last week is favorite to my parents and kid. You can confidently keep full faith on it s reading records that it shows daily for its excellent memory feature. I can not but say about the monitor that works with its automated inflation and intelligent deflation.You are welcome to the website of ankaka

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    Hi - I hope to send the value of transport to the Sultanate of Oman - Muscat and how to send money and thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]There are 3 payment methods available, please refer to the following link for details:

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