Deluxe Handheld Battery Tester - Clear LCD display

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    Deluxe Handheld Battery Tester - Clear LCD display for easy-to-read power levels

    This handheld battery tester comes with an easy-to-read LCD display and adjustable sliding arm for varying battery sizes. A convenient chart on the back of the battery tester helps you determine if you batteries are in good condition or if they need recharged/replaced.

    If you have any use for batteries at all, then this battery charger's amazing wholesale price is only one of the reasons to get this item now. Here are a few situations which make for great uses for this affordable handheld battery tester:

    1) Heading out at night? Don't be left in the dark, check how much power is left in your flashlight's battery.
    2) Taking a 10 hour flight? Make sure your favorite handheld Going on a road trip and need to listen to your favorite radio station or news broadcast? Make sure the batteries in your pocket radio are going to last.
    3) Bought one of our RC toys and about to head to the park with your kid? First make sure the batteries will last long enough!
    4) Are the batteries in your smoke detector working? Are you sure? Fire safety is serious, don't leave any doubts and use this tool to check the batteries now.
    5) Have a meeting in the morning? Don't regret it when your alarm clock's battery dries up, check and double-check with this battery tester. 6) Recording a huge event? Make sure your video/camcorder's battery is up to the job and has the power to handle it.
    7) Want to use your cool, new laser pointer to give a big presentation? Don't embarass yourself when the batteries don't die on you, check the night before with this handy battery tester.

    Like a ruler or scissors, this is a tool you might not use everyday but you'll be extra glad you had one laying around when you need it. And since the battery tester is powered by the battery being checked, there is no need for anything else, this is an all-in-one tool. Don't delay and order today, this hot new item comes with a minimum order quantity of 10 units and is available at an unbeatable price from Ankaka - your best source for high quality, low priced gadgets.

    • Clear LCD display for easy-to-read power levels
    • Suitable for 1.5V (AA, AAA, C or D type), 9V (PP3 type) and 1.5V button cells.
    • No power source needed, powered by the battery being checked
    • Chart on the back of battery tester to inform user of good and bad power levels
    • Built-in on-load resistor for accurate results

    Manufacturer Specifications

    Suitable for:
    • AA/AAA/C/D batteries
    • 1.5V batteries (HP16/MN2400/R03/HP7/MN1500/UM3C/HP11/MN1400/SP11/LR14/UM2D/HP2/MN1300/SP2/R20/UM1)
    • Watch batteries (1.5V button cells)
    • 9V batteries (PP3/MN1604/6F22/006P)
    • Dimensions: 112x61x27 mm
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleHUXZPF4J2UBY

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • If the digits did not show, check that battery is touching both contacts, otherwise the battery is completely dead.
    • Checks battery power level
    • Adjustable sliding arm for different size of batteries

    Package List

    • CVSB-G183 Battery Tester

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I take this battery tester with me wherever I go?
      Definitely, the small handheld size and light weight makes it a perfect tool to keep in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.
    • How easy is this to use?
      It's as simple as 123. The battery tester has text on the unit to indicate which battery goes where.

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