Colorful Cute Mushroom Lamp - Low Power Consumption

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    Colorful Cute Mushroom Lamp - Low Power Consumption

    Are you afraid of the dark? Do you want to light up your home at night without affecting your dreams at the same time? This little mushroom lamp can help you.

    The lamp does not need an on/off button. All you need to do is touch the mushroom lamp to turn the light on. It can be placed anywhere in your home, such as the corridor, corner, closet, car, storage containers, etc. It makes life easier at night. Its low power consumption will help you save power and you can leave the night on all night if needed. The brightness is enough to light your home, but not too bright as to make your eyes uncomfortable.

    Children enjoy its cute mushroom appearance and simple design, making it an ideal nightlight. The lamp can take power from 3 AAA batteries. The lamps are each shipped in a random color.

    1. Can be used anywhere in your home.
    2. Low power consumption.
    3. Cute mushroom appearance.
    4. Easy to use.

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Material: High resin
    Color: Yellow / Pink / Red / Green / Blue
    Power: 3 AAA batteries
    Mushroom diameter:  3.25"
    Base diameter:  2.75"
    Height:  3.25"

    Package List:
    1 X Colorful Cute Mushroom Lamp - Low Power Consumption


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