Classy Blue LED Light Touchscreen Watch

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    Classy Blue LED Light Touchscreen Watch

    Touchscreen devices have become fairly popular in the market, they have become a trend.  Just like this Classy Blue LED Light Touchscreen Watch, its stylish design and high quality, makes it even more appealing.     
    Whenever you touch the screen, the blue LED light would light up; enable you to see better during day time under the sunlight and at night.  It is powered by two CR2016 batteries, so it can save power since the screen will not light up until you touch it.  Sometimes if you do not feel like touching the screen, you can set the time mode to light up every 30 minutes for time telling, very simple and easy!      

    The time display of this touchscreen watch is in 12 hours mode, indicated by a flashing blue light while minutes appear through a line of blue LED light.  Other than that, the band of the watch is made of leather, and the pattern of the watch is interesting.  A tree is splitting into two, one side shows the brain and the other is Roman Numerals, a bit of European style feel.  Nevertheless, it is a great product in such reasonable price! Hope you will enjoy it.

    -Blue LED Light
    -High Quality
    -European Style
    -Power Saving

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Color: Black and Silver
    Band Material: Leather
    Case Material: Stainless Steel
    Display: Hour, Minute
    Display Mode: 12 Hours
    Diameter: 4.2cm
    Length: 25cm
    Power: 2 Pre-installed CR2016 Batteries
    Screen: 60 Blue LEDs

    Package Lists:
    1 x Classy Blue LED Light Touchscreen Watch
    1 x User Manual in English


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    Thanks for your feedback.Now i would like to set the time to the current Kenyan time.How do i go about it? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please hold the front glass for about 5 seconds when it is on time display mode. Then the hour indicator will flash, please touch the screen one by one to adjust the hour display. After about 2-3 seconds without any performance, it'll change to minute display adjustment automatically. And you can touch the screen with the same method to change the minute display.

    2012-05-14 09:49:52 Kihara

    Hi, How do you tell the time on this watch? Give an illustration. [ANKAKA REPLIED]The blue dot light shows the hour, while the blue coherent light shows the minute. The time on the photo is 11:33.

    2012-05-10 11:23:18 Kihara