Car Power Converter Inverter - DC 12V Input AC 220V Output w/ USB Port

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    Car Power Converter Inverter - DC 12V Input AC 220V Output w/ USB Port

    Many of us often find we need electric power to recharge our phones while driving, or to run the GPS satellite system or view TV or a DVD player or, in the case of emergencies, to run the electric tire air pump or out door lighting. I am sure you can think of many other times when having a reliable and versatile source of electricity would be useful while travelling in the car.  Many appliances are supplied with a charger that you can plug into the cigarette lighter in the car but this is not always safe and the power that is supplied may be unstable and damage your valuable possession.

    The answer to all your needs is this Car Power Converter Inverter.  This converts the DC output of your car’s electrical system into the AC power supply that you need for your electrical equipment. The Car Power Converter Inverter plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket in your car but its sophisticated circuitry provides you with a stable and protected AC 220V power supply.  The power it provides never exceeds the stated 220V, it will not overheat and there are circuits within the unit that ensure it is safe at all times for you and your equipment.

    This Car Power Converter Inverter is portable and easy to carry around and pack away in the car.  It is 10 – 20% the size of a conventional Inverter. The Inverter provides power for electrical units up to 130W power consumption so it will meet all your needs.   It provides 220V AC power outlets, a 5V USB charging outlet and also a stable 12V outlet – so all your requirements are covered with this safe, stable and flexible power source.  

    This is a highly sophisticated and carefully engineered electrical power source that will meet all your power needs while at the same time being portable, effective and safe.

    Car power inverter
    Convert DC 12V to AC 220V/50HZ
    Provides overvoltage, over-temperature and overload protection
    Conversion efficiencies as high as 87%
    With 5V 500MA USB port
    130W of continuous power
    Portable design

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Suitable for the electrical appliances within power consumption of 130W.
    Input voltage: DC11V-15V.
    Output voltage: AC220V / 50Hz.
    Output power: 130W.
    USB outlet provides 5V/500mA DC power.
    National standard AC outlet three-hole and two-hole socket.

    Suitable For:
    Office equipment: laptop computers, mobile phones, printers, monitors
    Household appliances: TV, VCR, Stereo, DVD, VCD
    Outings: Outdoor Lighting, Camping Equipment
    Outdoor Work: Power tools, Vehicles for assistance, Disaster relief, Commercial promotion
    Entertainment: Phone, PDA, Digital, Camera, Digital camera, Battery charger, GPS satellite navigation.

    Package list:
    1 x Car Power Converter Inverter – DC 12V Input AC 220V Output w/ USB Port Port
    1 x DC power cable
    1 x User Manual in English


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    Dear Sirs, Please, advise if your product can be re-arranged to get the outlet in European standard with 2X2hole sockets. Best regards, Aleksei Logoshin [ANKAKA RPELIED]We supply different plug/socket adapter for customers from different countries.

    2012-07-23 08:40:39 Aleksei Logoshin

    I have owned this system for a year and a half now. I have really enjoyed the money savings from the use I got from it. I recently encountered a huge problem. One of the bands used to raise and lower the blinder broke off completely. I feel like one of my doors is missing from my vehicle. The money I saved on red light tickets, nationwide, tolls and tickets in SoCal Houston and in FL is reason enough to reinvest. I need to know if this can be repaired or if it should be replaced. [ANKAKA REPLIED]This product is just a power converter. Pls make sure that this is the right product you have the above problems with. Pls email with your order # for solutions if you have any questions.

    2011-12-30 12:28:36 Leonard J

    do you have the product to 110v [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. If you require output of 100-120V AC power please contact Ankaka support to order D10720-110V.

    2011-11-29 19:47:01 alba