Car Key Hidden Camera:HD Video,IR Night Visision,Motion Detection, Remote, TF Card

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    The item has a master on/off switch that disconnects the battery so it will always be ready to use even when left for month's.
    It also has a master photo/video switch so you will always know if you are taking photo's or recording video (Another feature that we found different as others can get confusing and you don't want to take a photo when you wanted to record video). 
    As with all of these little devices the infra red lamps are tiny and reach up to 1 metre in total darkness. In dusk conditions the infra red lamps improved but it is not great. The motion detection is nearby only and starts recording when a person is within a few feet (1-2 metres max) A car for example can be detected further but it takes a few seconds to start and if the car is moving fast it can be missed entirely. Planning and positioning of the camera is paramount to a successful recording. These devices are limited to what they can do so don't expect a miracle but if set up well it can capture some amazing footage. The device vibrates when powering up and starting video record it also flashes inside but cannot be seen when the cover is on. For total darkness forget it you will never get a good result not from these gadgets, their night vision capabilities are to improve low light at close range will not see at range in the dark. 

    Manufactory Specifications:

    Memory: TF Card, support up to 32G, not included.
    Built-in lithium battery continuous 400mAh recording 40-90 minutes
    Video resolution:720P HD
    Handy shape portable design hand-held remote
    High Definition photograph  in good light
    High speed transmission USB2.0 port
    Video coding: M-JPEG
    Video format: AVI
    Picture format: JPG
    Charging voltage: DC-5V
    Mini 8Pin USB interface

    Package List:
    1 x Car Key Hidden Camera:IR Night Visision,Motion Detection, Remote, TF Card
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x English User Manual


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