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    Car Digital TV DVB-T Receiver - Video + Audio OUT
    DVB-T digital receiver box for receiving free digital TV directly in your car, with 4 RCA Video OUT and and R/L Audio OUT for connecting your choice of such devices as a car DVD player or a car LCD screen. What better way to ride into the future than installing your own DVB-T tuner in your car and choosing from the hundreds of channels already provided, and the hundreds more on their way soon. With such cutting edge digital TV functions as EPG program guide, 9 channel preview, teletext, and a customizable OSD menu, your car will become a complete digital media center.

    Pair this car audio video accessory with one of Ankaka's many quality Car DVD players or car LCD screens for making your own complete in-car entertainment system. Get yours today!

    Note: DVB-T reception is not available in every country. Please make sure to see if DVB-T is available in your region before you purchase this product.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • DVB-T Protocol (ETS 300 744) Compliant
    • DVB-T receiving standard: MPEG-2
    • Receiving Freq: VHF- 177.5~226.5MHz, UHF 474~858MHz
    • Channel Bandwidth: 7 or 8MHz
    • Constellation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
    • OFDM Mode: 2K or 8K
    • Code Rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8
    • Guard Interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
    • Input/ Output
    • x4 Video OUT (NTSC/PAL)
    • R/L Audio OUT
    • External Remote Control Receiver IN
    • Antenna IN
    • Antenna OUT
    • Power Source: Direct From Car Battery or Car Cigarette Power Adapter
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale5XJRZTWK99D1

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Detailed Information of Programs
    • EPG Time Table: Program Guides for the Day
    • 9 Channel Picture Guide Preview
    • Program Editing
    • Saved Favorite Program List
    • Move/Sort/Delete Saved Programs
    • Parental Control/ Password Control/ Channel Lock
    • Selectable Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9
    • Customizable OSD Menus
    • Change Menu Color
    • Change Transparency
    • Change Border Pattern
    • Built in Games
    • FM Radio Reception

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Model CVEYH-T8000 DVB-T Receiver
    • TV Antenna
    • RCA AV Cable
    • Mounting Brackets
    • Battery Grounding Wires
    • Car Cigarette Power Adapter
    • Remote Control Receiver
    • x2 AAA Batteries
    • Remote Control

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Can I use this DVB-T Receiver in my country? DVB-T is available in many countries. Check to make sure you can use this in your country onthis page.

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