Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch

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    Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch
    Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch. New mini-breathalyzer that fits right on your keychain!Never again have a doubt about how much alcohol you have had to drink or whether you or your friend is legally OK to drive. This mini breathalyzer has a traffic light readout style system making it super easy use. Simply blow for 5 seconds then wait. A green indicating light and you are good to go; yellow and you may want to wait a while before you go home; while red indicates you should hand your keys to a friend. This is great reference tool for seeing if you have had just a little too much to drink.Ankaka offers this car safety device with a factory-direct wholesale price, so buy in bulk now and watch your reselling profits soar!

    Note: This is a reference tool only and can not be used as a legal defense.

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Analyzing Method: Breath Test
    • Sensor: Advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
    • Screen: LCD Display for Time/Timer
    • Alcohol Reading: 3 LED Light - Green, Yellow, Red
    • Range: 0.00~0.19 BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l
    • Alert Mode:
      Safe: Green LED Light - 0.0% ~ .02% BAC
      Caution: Yellow LED Light - .02% ~ .05% BAC
      Danger: Yellow and Red LED Light - equal or over .05% BAC
    • Power Source: 2x AAA Batteries (not included on the package)
    • Dimensions: 80mm x 38mm x 20mm (L x W x D)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale ECLN28YUYW7N

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Stopwatch
    • Flashlight - Red LED Light
    • Test Accuracy: .01 BAC (.1g/l)
    • Note: The result of this test gives BAC for reference only Ankaka does not take any legal responsibility

    Package List

    • Breathalyzer Keychain
    • Manual

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    this product is cool .I like the product very much.

    2013-07-27 23:48:39 Raman Acharya

    this product is cool and very fancy to use.

    2013-07-27 23:47:19 Raman Acharya

    i want ta ask to you , if you keychain are strong or not because many people say when he want to change batterie the screw broken the cache and i am scare to buy because i am not sure it s good key chain , and i want to ask to you it s you key chain are in the norme europeen ???[ANKAKA REPLIED]We are delighted to let you know that all of our products are with good quality and CE, we have QC team checking the goods before shipping. We also offer 12-month warranty for our customers.

    2012-10-28 14:58:17 ViRuS

    With this breathalyzer I don't have to worry about how much alcohol I have had to drink. It is useful and keep me and my friends safe. Cool!

    2010-03-25 00:20:59 Bush