Bluetooth Cassette Adapter - Handfree + Headset

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    The Bluetooth cassette adapter is an astonishing cassette that drivers cannot avoid the rush to purchase. This audio gadget has good audio quality that can be amplified directly by our car speakers thanks to its inbuilt internal microphone. Further, its' Bluetooth properties facilitates a hands free conversation to driver. You can still charge the Bluetooth cassette adapter via its USB charging cable in DC charging adapter provided in its package to expand your talk hours. Using its English manual guide, you will be able to follow the directories provided so that you can link your phone with the Bluetooth cassette adapter and begin to get even more from your mobile as you drive along the busy lanes. Its' price are suitable even for business men to make a good profit margin and can be used as a portable cassette player to. To clearly see its' package full of features and lots of power please check on the following details.


    • Bluetooth cassette adapter
    • Excellent audio quality
    • Uses CSR chipset from England
    • Up to 5 hours talk time and 120 hours standby
    • Factory direct price makes it profitable for resale market

    Manufacturer Specification:

    • CSR Chipset
    • Internal Microphone
    • Tone and LED Indication
    • Bluetooth Properties
    - Profiles: Hands free, Headset
    - Class: 2
    - Range: 10m
    • Power Source: Internal Battery (5V DC charging - adapter provided)
    • Dimension: Cassette Standard Size : 102mm x 64mm x 12mm (L x W x D)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEK35948TG6MCS

    Operation Guide:

    • Pair with your cell phone first. Please make sure other Bluetooth devices is off otherwise there will be magnetic interference to fail the pairing. If it still doesn’t work ,please turn off the Bluetooth and turn on again and try, or type in the PIN.
    • After pairing, and press the functional button to listen to other’s call, you can only hear sound from others when it is put back on the car recorder.
    • After pairing, you don’t need to use it if you call someone but use it when someone call you, you can press the function button once and put it back in your car recorder so that you can enjoy talking with your friends in long time. If you want to reject the calling, press take it from the car recorder and press the button twice.

    Note(Please read the note before purchasing, otherwise we won’t be responsible for any problems happen as below):

    • This cassette is made of dual magnetic sound track. Make sure your car recorder machine is also dual magnetic sound track instead of single sound track. Otherwise it will make a loud gear grinding noise or your machine simply reject it.
    • If your phone can not connect with the cassette, please make sure there is no magnetic interference.
    • Music play function will only work under the condition that your cell phone support A2DP format. Certain types of cell phones are with its own player so that it won’t support any music playing through other Bluetooth devices even though it supports Bluetooth pairing.
    • Certain degree of noise is normal during using this item.

    Package List :

    • Bluetooth cassette adapter
    • DC car lighter charger
    • USB charging cable
    • Manual - English


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    This item is not A2DP compatible despite Ankakas four emails prior to purchase confirming it is, paypal took their side, if you want to stream your music from your (i)phone then dont buy this its a hands free cassette adapter if thats what you want. Repeat it is NOT A2DP compatible and wont stream music from phones, Youve been warned!

    2012-10-25 17:26:18 Amir

    It does not play in cassette player! It only works as a "hands free device". Essentially it is a microphone in the shape of a cassette. If this review would let me give it zero stars I would[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please kindly notice that this product is only an adapter, not a player, maybe what you are looking for is our one of our other products:

    2012-10-15 18:58:00 Alonzo Ramos

    The product will not stay in my cassette player. It is ejected after several seconds. Also, my Samsung GS3 only recognizes it as a device to use for calls; it does not appear to support being used as an audio device for media files, local or streamed (Pandora).[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include the order number with your problem, we will offer you some effective solutions.

    2012-10-05 11:31:14 Doug Williams

    I bought this adapter so I could play mp3 music from my iphone without have to plug in a cord like on my old cassette tape adapter. HOWEVER, THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT PLAY MUSIC FROM THE IPHONE! It will however work (although not that great of quality of sound) as a hands free device for you to talk while driving. I am upset because nowhere on on this page does it tell you it will not play MP3s from an iPhone. In fact it says you can connect it to your MP3 player. So, I figured that means it will play the MP3 files I have on my iPhone. I'm not going to pay the shipping to send it back to Hong Kong where it was shipped from.[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact for customer services.

    2012-06-02 12:46:04 Creech

    I'm very unhappy with my purchase. This does not support stereo output and my Android phone will not use it for media output because it only supports the handsfree profile. [ANKAKA REPLIED]This bluetooth adaptor supports to steam musics from your phone. You need to download those musics to your phone first. It doesn't support to display online musics.

    2011-12-29 19:05:45 Barksdale

    Very fast shipment. love this product

    2011-08-04 23:10:37 phillipa

    How to use it? [ANKAKA REPLIED] 1-Charge the Bluetooth cassette using the included DC car lighter charger 2-Turn the Bluetooth cassette adapter ON 3-Hold the button on the side of the Bluetooth cassette for 7 seconds to enter pairing mode 4-Use your cellphone to search for and connect to the device named "BT-901" (password is 0000) 5-Turn your car's stereo system ON and insert the cassette

    2011-03-14 05:07:44 Jenny