Bestsound Karaoke Machine with DVD and 2TB Hard Disk

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    Bestsound Karaoke Machine with DVD and 2TB Hard Disk

    This product is a most advanced high-tech DVD karaoke player that plays both discs and hard disk. It plays CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, MPEG4 and many other formats. It also reads from USB memory. It has the function of recording accompaniment songs and repeating songs selected. More so, it is not necessary to change accompaniment song disc. It is not only a multimedia song machine, but it is also a DVD player. To a modern family, it is an essential amusement device. Furthermore, it can store over 200,000 karaoke songs on the 1000GB external hard disk.

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    Song machine with integrated DVD-PLAYER function
    Easy-to-use remote control
    Supports enlarging hard drive capacity
    BBE unique feature supports VCD, DVD, MP3, MPEG4 and many other formats
    USB interface (Easy for you to add or delete any songs from the list)
    Updates song storage as your need

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Power: 110VAC/220VAC
    Output Power: 65W
    Audio: STEREO-LR20HZ-20KHZ
    Output resolution: 1920x1080i
    Coaxial digital output: 0.5VP-P 0.15-MHZ
    Reception: INFR38KHZ
    Serial: STANDARD RS232
    Distortion: <0.01%
    VGA output interface: a
    Audio Interface: 1 group
    Video Interface: 2
    MIC interface: 2 Group
    Standard USB interface: 2
    S-Video: 1
    YUV color component output: 1 group
    Optical fiber, coaxial output of the: 1
    Size: 430x80x315 (mm)

    Package List:
    1x Bestsound Karaoke machine with DVD
    1x Remote control for Karaoke machine
    1x Remote control for DVD
    1x Connector wire
    1x English User Manual


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Thanks for replying. My question was a general question towards the Bestsound Karaoke machines not just the particular one my friend has. I really like the wide range of songs you provided in these machines and would like to buy one myself. I really need to find out the on-screen menu issue before I commit. So, can the on-screen menu show ALL the songs available in the hard drive?[ANKAKA REPLIED] We are delighted to let you know that the on-screen menu can show all the songs available in the hard drive.Wish you a good shopping at ankaka.

    2012-11-06 10:15:57 GK

    I just tried out my friend's Bestsound Karaoke KV210E(?). The karaoke's on screen menu was not complete. I was not able to look up most of the songs on the list (printed out by the retailer) from the menu on the TV. Is this a common problem or does my friend need to update/reload the menu? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email and include the order number with inquiry.

    2012-11-02 22:24:48 GK

    Hi if i get the HDD Karaoke Machine can i add my own harddisk to 2T and is there any song inside? In future i need more update song can i download from your side? is it free?[ANKAKA REPLIED] We are delighted to let you know that you can add your harddisk to 2T and there are songs inside. You can download up to 30,000 songs from a site we provide for free in a year.

    2012-10-08 12:17:24 Patrick

    What kind of kaeaoke song format will be compatible with it? [ANKAKA REPLIED]MPEG4,MPEG2,DAT,VOB,WMV and etc.

    2011-04-25 05:53:46 GeG