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Baby Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and Reader Doppler - Easy & Simple to Use

6 Review(s)

  • Item#: CVLT-H22
  • Retail price:   US$116.54
  • Wholesale Price: US$19.00

  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece(S)

  •  Sold Out 

    We are also providing a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor with compact design at a lower price.
    Baby Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and Reader Doppler - Easy & Simple To Use
    This doppler baby heart rate monitor is the perfect way to listen to your baby's heart rate right at home. Now all mothers can enjoy the pleasure of listing to their baby's heart without the need to get in the car and going on a stressful drive to the hospital.

    Listen to your baby's heart beat through either the onboard built-in speaker or through the use of the 3.5mm earphone input. If you are a computer savvy individual, then you can also use a 3.5mm jack cable to connect this baby heart rate monitor to your computer and record your baby's heart beat using the already provided sound recorder in the Windows operating system.

    This pocket sized portable heart rate monitor only requires 2 AA batteries to power-up and your good to go, allowing you to take your new Heart Rate Monitor with you anywhere. The H22 is designed with three modes that each has its unique spacial function. Mode 1 displays the heart icon when the heart beat of your baby is detected, and also displays the real-time heart rate. Mode 2 displays the heart icon when the heart beat of your baby is detected and averages the heart rate for a more stable reading. Mode 3 calculates an average heart rate over a specific period of time by manually pushing the backlight button to start and stop the reading time.

    The CVLT-H22 comes in a compact form factor design to withstand repeated usage without wearing out or breaking. This extremely useful Heart Rate Monitor is available in stock now for single and bulk purchases. Order yours today, and experience the divine pleasure of listing to your baby's heart beat right in your home.

    • Easy & Simple To Use
    • Doppler Heart Rate Monitor
    • Listen through Earphones or the Built-in Speaker


    • Primary Function: Baby Heart Rate Monitor
    • Normal Frequency: 2.0MHz
    • Working Frequency: 2.0MHz +/-10%
    • Ultrasonic Output Intensity: Ista<5 mW/cm2

      • Can this Doppler heart rate monitor be used on a any heart?
        Of course, the primary function of this Doppler heart rate monitor is designed for pregnant women who need or simply just want to be able to listen to their baby's heart beat from the comfort of their living room. But it can still be used to listen to the heart of a child or adult
      • What is BPM?
        BMP Stands for Beats Per Minute
      • Does this baby heart monitor come with any gel?
        No, but is works just fine with Vaseline or any type of gel body wash.

        This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 November, 2009.


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    Wow it works

    2013-04-08 09:14:54 Manik

    Having suffered a previous miscarriage, I bought this item when I am 12 weeks. It took me a while, lots of patience and a very full bladder but I finally, BINGO, heard heartbeat bounding away BINGO, there was baby, little heart beating away just underneath my pubic bone. I was so excited. So here are my 2 cents regarding this product: 1) make sure you have a very full bladder if you are earlier than 12 weeks, 2) dont use it for too long at one time and try to use it no more than a few times a week, 3) Use plenty of oil / gel, 4) DO NOT STRESS if you can't find it first time. Sometimes baby is not facing you. So you wont hear it until baby turns around. It is great to hear your little one but please don’t get too stressed if you can't hear it.5) Listen to your own heartbeat to compare (yours will be slower) 6) work very slowly across your belly, starting just above your pubic bone and pause to allow the 'echo' to come back. Once baby starts moving, I probably won't use it as much, but I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in the early stages who is anxious as I was. It took a lot of practice and a lot of patience, and I had to limit myself to only listening once a day, for no more than 15 minutes. The gel you get with the product is good, but you can use olive oil or baby oil instead (preventing stretch marks at the same time! Lol)

    2012-10-08 05:00:39 Jeniffer

    Super fast shipping! Received in 4 days. Can't wait to use it.

    2012-06-18 01:19:39 Jessica

    Is this FDA approved? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. It is FDA approved.

    2012-03-18 15:19:52 Blake

    Hello, Can you tell me how soon into pregnancy (in weeks) I can use this product? I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and would like to know if this product can work for me at this stage. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Glad to let you know that this item is suitable for woman who has 12 weeks or more pregnancy. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2012-01-10 04:31:52 Joyce

    With this low price I paid, now I can monitor baby at home anytime I want at where I want. Thank you ankaka!

    2010-10-21 03:11:05 Jakie