A/V-RF Converter - For TV's Without AV Jacks

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    A/V-RF Converter - For TV's Without AV Jacks

    Is your TV old and lacking A/V jacks? Do you still want to enjoy more programs and hook up other devices to your TV? If so, then this product was designed with you in mind. It converts the A/V signal that comes from VCR's, DVD players, camcorders, and more to the RF signal your old TV has. Even though your TV lacks A/V input jacks, by using this converter, you can watch digital TV shows, watch DVD's, and play games. In addition, this converter will still retain clear picture and sound quality so that you can enjoy more programs via antenna transmission on your TV.  This converter will bring you great joy because you will be able to do far more with your old TV than you ever imagined.

    Converts A/V signal into a RF signal
    Maintains good image quality and distinct audio
    Practical and cheap
    No interference

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Audio Carrier Frequency: 5.5MHz
    Antenna Input: 45 - 1000MHz
    Power supply: AC 220V±15%
    Power consumption: 1W
    Input: 3 RCA (red, yellow, white)
    Output: RF (Antenna)
    Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 35mm

    Package list:
    1 x A/V-RF Converter - For TV's without A/V jacks
    1 x User manual in English


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