Avatar Ceramic LED White Mushroom Lamp (220v)

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    Avatar Ceramic LED White Mushroom Lamp (220v)


    This LED lamp displays a beautiful scene from the movie Avatar, showing five leaves and a flower. The lamp's brightness automatically adjusts based on the surroundings - you can plug it in and not have to worry about having to manually adjust it. In addition, this lamp adopts the newest LED technology, reducing its cost to only one kilowatt-hour per year. This LED lamp will enhance the appearance of any home.

    3 LED lights in the lamp
    Conserves energy
    Excellent home decoration
    Automatically adjusting lamp brightness

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Material: Ceramic
    Input voltage: 220V
    3 LED white lights
    Dimension: 125 x 125 x 160(mm)

    Package List:
    1x Avatar Ceramic LED White Mushroom Lamp (220V)
    1x User Manual in English


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    Is there any availability of this product without any wires [ANKAKA REPLIED]No. Please refer to our website for more of what you like.

    2014-01-26 06:19:41 Ruchir

    Works with 110V? in Panamá City [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. You can make orders directly on our site if you have interest.

    2012-05-30 17:52:25 Arauz PTY 11362

    Hello, will there ever be a 110v version? I would like to buy one in the USA. Thank you. [ANKAKA REPLIED]We only sell the 220v version right now.

    2012-01-13 21:45:41 Daniel

    If you are a fan of the Avatar movie, then you will surely love this awesome lamp. On the other hand, even if you are not a big fan, you will love the ambience this adorable mushroom lamp provides. The lamp comes with three mushrooms, which hide the LED lights underneath along with four leaves and one flower. The cool part is that you get to place the leaves and the flower in the grassy areas yourself, so you can create your own small little world. The ceramic pot is very decorative with the worlds “Love Your Life” in small print on one side. The lamp is actually a light sensor lamp and will not come on in a brightly lit room, thus saving energy. As the room becomes darker, the mushrooms will begin to illuminate the room and provide a very calming and quiet atmosphere. It is the perfect lamp for a desk, bedside table, or even in the bathroom to provide just enough light to work, read, or visit the bathroom at night without turning on any other lights in the room. I love the lamp is it awesome!

    2011-08-06 13:14:56 Anita Johnston