Automatic Moving Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation & Adjustable Mounting Bracket

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    Automatic Moving Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation - Displays starry effects
    Let the beat of the music activate the projector. That's right, this laser projector can be activated by sound or you can select automatic and it will keep projecting visually interesting patterns. This laser effects projector with red and green lights projects patterns of red and green colored light onto walls, floors or ceilings.

    This laser color changing projector is perfect for any retail store or partying environment. It works by projecting red and green laser beams. The projector can either be left on automatic, meaning it will constantly display random patterns, or you can set it on sound activation mode. This is the coolest feature by far. Leave it on, and when you play your music, turn up the beat and watch the laser respond in style. When using the projector to display patterns by sound activation, you should have the projector next to the base unit of your sound system. The MIC on the rear of the projector will then pickup the vibrations in the sound wave and start to dazzle everyone with its pretty laser designs.

    The sound activation feature also comes to a stand still when the music stops. The projector is designed with a very handy mountain bracket. You can mount the projector anywhere that suits your needs and it is adjustable to easily be aimed at the area you wish to highlight, whether it is the wall, ceiling or floor. With flexibility and sound activation function, your Christmas and new years party this year will leave wonderful memories in the minds of all your friends, family and guests.

    Whether you own a pub, bar, club or just throwing a rave party, this laser projector will be the perfect addition to your business and parties, and If you are throwing a house party or any other kind of activity then this product will provide the ultimate environment for having a good time.

    With an adjustable bracket suitable to allow installation on walls, ceilings and floors, this is perfect for installation in any indoor environment. It is good as a year round mood light and is especially useful at Christmas time. The CVLC-G131 is in stock now and available at an incredible factory direct wholesale price from Ankaka.

    • Displays starry effects
    • Automatic or sound activated
    • Mounting bracket with adjustable angle

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Primary Function: Automatic Laser Starry Effects Projector
    • Laser Wavelength: Green = 532nm, Red = 660nm
    • Control Type: Automatic / Sound Activated
    • Output Power: 5mw - 50mw Unit
    • Primary Laser Colors: Green and Red
    • Material Colors: Brushed Aluminum
    • Power Source: Wall Adapter
    • On board Slots and buttons:
      - Automatic / Sound Activation Switch
      - MIC
    • Certification: RoHS
    • Dimensions: L:150 x W:130 x D:50 (mm)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale EA0C527C11E6

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Avoid direct eye contact with the laser
    • The CVLC-G131 is not a children's toy and should only be used by adults
    • You should only use the laser projector indoors and it should be kept away from all liquids
    • It is advisable not to use the CVLC-G131 for more than 4 hours straight so as to prolong the life of the lasers

    Package List for CVLC-G131

    • Laser Projector
    • Power Adapter (100 - 240V)
    • Instruction Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Does the CVLC-G131 come with a remote control?
      There is no need for a remote control with this laser projector. The laser projector comes with a switch located at the rear, automatic or sound activation can be selected
    • what distance can the lasers project out?
      The laser starry effects project can reach up to 20+ meters.
    • What is the maximum coverage area for the laser projector?
      Depending on the distant of the effects projection, it can spread the image to up to 50sq/m area.

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