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Ankaka T1 Travel Pillow: Scientifically Proven Neck Support Pillow, Perfect Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel, Enjoy a Comfortable Sleep on Flights

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    The travel pillow is a scientifically proven neck support pillow, holds neck and head in ergonomic position to provide enough neck support.

    Airplane pillow: a perfect neck pillow for airplane travel, softly support your neck in a better way than any other travel pillows.

    The travel pillow is fully adjustable to almost any size.

    Portable: when air is released, the travel pillow can be as small as your palm.

    SOFT HYPOALLERGENIC FABRIC - The neck pillow uses a unique soft touch design for your skin; Small fiber particles are deposited to create the allergy-proof surface.

    Ankaka has tested other travel pillows available. And they do not really provide enough neck support, which is crucial for napping comfortably when sitting on airplane seat.

    Ankaka T1 Travel Pillow is one of the best pillows which DO holds your neck and head in ergonomic position to provide enough neck support.

    Unlike other travel pillows, this pillow keeps your neck in a perfect posture, creates optimal spine alignment, repose your shoulder muscles, elevates the jawbone, allows it to prevent neck pain. The travel pillow will stretch your neck and will repose your shoulder muscles while relieving tension in your nerves. By decompressing the spinal disc, the stretching may minimize bulging and ease the construction on nerve and blood circulation.

    You can easily control the amount of air for a comfortable spinal stretch to get a comfortable nap.

    Environmental protection materials are selected to make the travel pillow allergy-proof. The travel pillow comes with a soft touch design for your skin.

    How to get the best comfortable nap with the pillow:
    Use the pump to inflate air to a comfortable stretch gradually. Try different sleeping positions while you are using the pump to raise the level of air to a comfortable stretch gradually. For a first-time user, it will take several times of trying to get to the best result. When you get some experiences with the pillow, this will take very little time.

    neck pillow

    Ankaka A1Ankaka T2 (the newer model of T1)
    Simultaneous Support Of Neck/Head/Chin
    Great For Reclined Position
    Great For Fully Upright Position
    Neck SizesKids, **Short**, Medium, LongMedium, Long, **Extra Long**
    CoolingExcellent – Unique design shape allows for greater air flowAverage
    Removable/Washable Cover
    MaterialMemory FoamInflatable


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    I got this travel pillow after I watch this video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a3J8IXYVic This look kinds of odd. It does provide good neck support. {REPLY from Ankaka} Thanks. USA buyers can order it at Amazon too: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA255NH5Y412UYU&field-keywords=travel+pillow

    2018-03-21 20:46:56 Peter Leitch