Acne Cleaning Heat Treatment Device - Battery Powered

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    Acne Cleaning Heat Treatment Device - Battery Powered


    Still struggling with stubborn acne that seems to never go away? Frustrated by the negative effects of other acne medications you have tried? Then the Acne Cleaning Heat Device is the product for you! Acne Cleaning Heat Treatment Device uses a new way of getting rid of acne - phototherapy.  In fact, phototherapy improves blood vessel function and circulation, as well as lightening or eliminating the appearance of acne, pimples, and spots. This device is completely different from traditional treatments as it is 100% safe for your skin, yet quickly reduces your acne.

    Treatment is 100% safe on skin
    Does not use medication or hormones
    Speedy treatment of acne

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Power: 1W
    Current output: 300mA
    Working temperature: -20℃ - 60℃
    Rated Voltage: DC 3V (requires 2 AA batteries – not included)
    Dimensions: 104×52×19.5mm

    Package List:
    1x Acne Cleaning Heat Treatment Device – Battery Powered
    1x User manual in English


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    use this verry effective [ANKAKA REPLIED]Look forward to your order in the future.

    2014-03-03 08:52:47 avinash lumar

    I don't know how it works but , it feel better after using it [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email and include the order number with your inquiry. Hope we can help.

    2013-12-14 00:18:08 Rabounthunh