Ankaka A1 Overcomes The CONS Of Traditional Travel Pillows

plane pillow

The BEST Travel Pillow

  • All-around support, especially from the lower back of the head for a natural, comfortable position.
  • We at Ankaka are the original maker of the H-shape travel pillow. We tested countless materials when designing to arrive at our A1 Pillow that provides the perfect balance between softness and support.
  • How to Use: Place your head between the 2 short legs, then adjust the 2 longer legs to sit on your shoulders.Please watch our video for demonstration.
  • It works best when the seat is reclined, such as on airplanes. It is not designed for sleeping fully upright.
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More Info About Travel Pillows

The BEST Neck Support Travel Pillow → Ankaka Pillow inflatable travel neck pillow


  • Full 360-degree support of the head, from the chin, neck, and lower back of the head.
  • Adjustable for the best fit. Especially great for those with long necks.
  • It works best when the seat is reclined, such as on airplanes.
  • However, if the seat does not recline at all, it is also great if worn backward.Full frontal support prevents the head from falling forward, making it the BEST PILLOW FOR SLEEPING FULLY UPRIGHT.

THE SMALLEST TRAVEL PILLOW - Can be deflated and packed into the included case that is as small as your palm.