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        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Hi I want to ask,how do you on the ir mode ? Cause when I followed the instruction manual, it is the record button. I'm really confused with this.[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-01-03 02:01:56 Nicholas

    This watch with infrared vision feature is recording a video with the regular day ligth also?? or the place needs to be darks to record a good video .How many days take to deliver the order to Florida-Usa [ANKAKA REPLIED]This watch functions both in the daylight and in the darkness. The quality of the video recorded in daytime is better than that of the night due to different intensities of the light. It takes 3-4 days for Florida delivery if you choose express shipping. Tracking number will be sent to you 24 hours after shipment.

    2012-05-17 03:42:59 Alberto