8 Inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor For Cars AV/VGA/HDMI Output

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    8 Inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor (AV, VGA, HDMI, Car Kit)

    • 8 inch touchscreen monitor
    • HDMI input
    • 2 AV video inputs
    • VGA input works with any OS
    • Comes with all cables & mounting hardware
    • AV input can work with rear view cameras and over devices

    At long last, the much anticipated release of the next step in touchscreen car monitor evolution! This 8" touch screen monitor elevates to a whole new level with its HDMI signal input and 8" LCD Touchscreen along with 2 AV inputs. The 8 inch touchscreen provides an amazing amount of extra real estate with an outstanding display in a crystal clear 1820x1440 pixels.

    This 8 inch touch screen car monitor comes with display driver auto-install for Windows users, Linux and MAC. It also comes with an HDMI port, a built-in stylus and a fold-in stand that allows for desktop and tablet-style usage.

    This multi-purpose touchscreen monitor with VGA & HDMI input provides an easy way of using your PC in the car. Simply pair this car touchscreen monitor with a WiFi enabled laptop/notebook computer and finally have Internet in your car, like you've always wanted.

    This touchscreen monitor also includes three AV inputs so you can integrate it with your car's rear view camera and AV systems easily. This car based monitor also allows mouse cursor control with a stylus or finger, giving you freedom over your in-car user experience.

    Be up to date with the next big thing in car entertainment and get it with a low China Wholesale price. Order yours today and we'll ship it out tomorrow - Brought to you by the leader in wholesale china electronics for resellers and drop-shippers all over the world, Ankaka!

    Manufacturer Specification

    • Main Function: 8 Inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor
    • Screen: 8 Inch TFT LCD Touchscreen (1440000 Pixels)
    • Native Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 (VGA)
    • UP Resolution: 1920 x 1440 (VGA)
    • Brightness: 300cd/m2 (without touchscreen)
    • Contrast: 500:1
    • Viewing Angle: 70 degree/70 degree, 50 degree/60 degree (L/R, U/D)
    • Video Signal Input: 0.7 - 1.4Vp - p/75?/li>
    • VGA Signal Input: H:30 - 60KHz, V:60 - 75Hz
    • Speaker: >250mW/8?/li>
    • Color System: PAL - 4.43, NTSC - 3.58
    • Power Source: DC9 - 15V
    • Signal Input: PC, VGA, AV1, AV2, HDMI 1.2
    • Display Ratio: 16:9, 4:3
    • Power Consumption: <8w
    • Working Temperature: - 20 to +55 degreeC
    • Storage Temperature: - 30 to +65 degreeC
    • Inputs:
      - VGA
      - AV1 with mono sound
      - AV2 no sound (for rear view camera)
      - Camera Switch Remote Wire
      - HDMI
    • Remote Controller: Yes
    • Supported Operating Systems for Touchscreen Software: Windows 98SE, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, MAC
    • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
    • Dimensions: W:209 x L:145 x D:35 (mm)
    • Bracket: W:95 x L:140 x D:32 (mm)
    • Manufacturers Ref: UIYF062JH624

    Touchscreen Monitor Internal Menu Specs

    • Color: Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature
    • Adjust: Auto Config, H Position, V Position, Phase, Clock
    • OSD:
      - H position, V Position, OSD Time Out, Transparent
      - Languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian
    • Settings: Reset, Display Ratio, LR, UD
    • Sound: Volume Control

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • User friendly
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • Can also be used as a tablet PC
    • 4, 9 and 25 point touchscreen calibration
    • Detachable & Adhesive stand, can be placed on dashboard

    Package List for Model AFQ - E118

    • 8 inch Touchscreen Monitor
    • User Manual - English
    • Remote Control
    • Car Cigar Lighter Power Adapter
    • SKS Cable (USB Cable, AV 9PIN VGA
    • Driver CD
    • Stylus / Touch Pen
    • Stand
    • Stand Sticky Pad
    • Mounting Frame
    • Power Adapter (100 - 240v)

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • Is it easy to install this LCD touch screen in my car?
      Yes, you can place it anywhere you wish. It is provide with a mounting plate which has a foam rubber adhesive bottom so you can fix it on any flat surface. If you need to make use of the LCD touch screen monitor somewhere else, is can be easily detached from the base and taken out of the car.
    • Is it easy to install at my work desk?
      Yes, it can be placed anywhere you wish. It is provide with a mounting stand which has a foam rubber adhesive bottom so you can fix it on any part of your desktop. By rotating the screen left or right you can make sure you always have it rotated to provide easy access to the information you want.
    • Can this LCD touch screen monitor be used for film making purposes?
      Yes, this 8 inch LCD touch screen monitor is the perfect tool for location and studio filming. It provides flexible viewing in a size that is easy to mount on top of cameras or hold in your hands.

    • Ordering from Ankaka provides you with the following benefits:
      - Orders processed and shipped within 24 - hours
      - 12 month warranty
      - In - house QC


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    I am not able to get video to display on screen anymore. I see that there is a 12 Month Warranty. I was wondering more details on that I need to do to have this issue resolved. I also was wondering how long this would take? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Here is the steps: Press the 'mode‘ button when you are taking a video. Then you can choose to switch to the HDMI,VGA, AV1,AV2 mode. please kindly check whether you can switch it to AV mode. If you can, please kindly inform us on which AV(AV or AV2) mode you can not get video to display on screen. If it still does not work. Please kindly take a video and send it to us.

    2012-07-18 05:38:16 Jonathan