8 Inch 3 Color Changing LED Shower Head Temperature Sensor Sprinkler

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    This 8 inch shower head with color changing LED and temperature sensor make your baths safe and beautiful. Three different colors from LED transform the stream of water from shower into a beautiful waterfall. The LED light glows immediately when the faucet senses water flow. The sensitive shower head LED changes color according to the temperature variations of water. The red LED color indicates hot water at a temperature above 45°C whereas pink color indicates warm water at temperature between 39°C and 45°C. Water glows blue color in the case of cool water with a temperature between 32°C and 38°C.

    Its 8 inch size helps the shower head to spread stream of water in large areas. The whole body is made up of ABS to give stability and strength. No batteries are required for the functioning of LED light and temperature sensor. Chro


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