6-in-1 Educational DIY Solar Toy

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    6-in-1 Educational DIY Solar Toy

    It is said that life is the best teacher, and this educational solar toy allows children to learn about the benefits of solar energy by witnessing it firsthand. Assembly is simple, so children can easily put it together themselves. The kit creates six different toy models: an airboat, a windmill, a puppy, a car, and two different planes. These different models can all operate in the sun without requiring a battery. It is an excellent way to teach children how solar power can run machinery.

    6-in-1 Transforming Robot
    6 different modes
    Solar panel
    Moves with solar power
    Educational toy

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    6 in 1 Educational Solar DIY Toy Kit
    100% Brand New
    Material: Polyethylene
    Build 6 different models: Car, Puppy, Airboat, Plane, Windmill, Revolving Plane
    Differs from other torpid model toys, they move after assembling
    Solar energy provides motive force
    Do not need screws, so no tools is employed
    Teach children through lively activities
    Solar battery life-span: 3-5 years
    Safe and durable
    Age for: 10+

    Package list:
    1 x 6-in-1 Educational DIY Solar Toy


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