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5W Warm White LED Spotlight Bulb with Bayonet Base - Long Lifespan & Energy Saving

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    5W Warm White LED Spotlight Bulb with Bayonet Base
    White LED spot light for use in a bayonet base 200-240V mains socket.

    After months of careful research and study we are happy to bring to you our second generation of white LED lights. These are professionally designed LED light bulbs (often called LED lamps in the trade) that fit into bayonet base incandescent lamp sockets. Our G156 model produces a warm white color light and emits enough light to replace incandescent and CFL's for many spot lighting tasks where directional lighting is needed.

    There has been plenty in the news about green gadgets and environmentally friendly LED lights recently. You probably already know the potential energy and environmental savings that can be achieved by switching to LED's. If not, then let us give you a simple rundown of the primary benefits:

    1. Energy savings (save 90% versus incandescent)
    2. Incredible lamp life (50,000 hours)
    3. Environmentally friendly (no mercury or harmful gases that CFL's have)

    The design and manufacture of these LED lights is beyond compare - from the all metal die cast cooling fins to the IC boards that drive the diodes, every part has been manufactured to exceed world performance standards. You simply cannot find a better built 5 watt LED spot lighting lamp than the G156!

    Great for retrofitting into existing track lights, downlights, or other lighting fixtures with a directional lighting distribution, these warm white LED light bulbs deliver smooth and uniform light.

    Ankaka offers this LED light bulb with an astounding no M.O.Q. (no minimum order quantity) so you can try one for yourself to see how it works. Then you can buy in bulk to replace the inefficient incandescent lights and ugly CFL lamps in your house with our specification grade Ankaka LED lamps.

    • White color LED light for use in any standard bayonet base light socket
    • Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on your electric bill!
    • Long life (25x) as compared to incandescent bulbs
    • True professionally designed lamp casing (heavy gauge all metal die-fin design) that will give you years of reliable use

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Main Function: LED light bulb for producing white light from an incandescent bayonet base lamp socket
    • Materials: Glass cover, L.E.D.'s, aluminum casing with dice-cast cooling fins
    • Base Type: B22 bayonet base
    • Brightness: 300 lumens
    • Color Temperature: 3000K (warm white)
    • Distribution Type: Spot
    • Power: 5 Watts
    • LED's: 5 x 1 watt each
    • Input Voltage: AC 200-240V
    • Typical Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours
    • Long life (25x) as compared to incandescent bulbs
    • Dimensions: mm x mm (W x H)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WholesaleLED91AC35793
    • Catalog Ref: LED lamp, LED light, Energy saving light bulb

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • The CVCL-G156 works most satisfactory when used to replace incandescent or CFL bulbs in track lights, downlights, or spot lights. A good energy savings choice for replacing 30-50 watt incandescent lamps.
    • Home light bulbs in the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, India, the Middle East and older installations in France use the B22 bayonet base
    • True professionally designed lamp casing (heavy gauge all metal design), not plastic like the cheap LED lights on the marketplace today. This is important - most LED's in the market today use plastic casings that will only last a few months before degrading, the G156 has an all metal design that will give you years of reliable use.
    • Deliver directional spotlighting without the flicker, noise or heat you can get with other conventional light sources
    • Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on your electric bill!

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    • Model CVCL-G156 LED Light Bulb

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