5 Inch Mini Bladeless Desk Fan - White

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    5 Inch Mini Bladeless Desk Fan - White

    Our normal size bladeless fan is one of our best selling products, so we decided to introduce a smaller, cuter version of it into our store today. This fan has blades that rotate smoothly to avoid unpleasant buffeting and uses airfoil technology to ensure consistent airflow, making this fan perfect if you have pets or children around. The cool air coming from this fan feels like a pleasant breeze that just came through your window. But unlike a window, you can easily adjust the fan by using a dimmer switch control. Our mini bladeless fan is excellent because it is safe and also easy to clean.

    5 inch mini desk fan
    Safe – no fast spinning blades
    Easy to clean – no inconveniently placed grilles or blades
    Portable and can be placed on a desk or office table

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Material: ABS
    Fan Angle: 15 degrees
    Voltage: 12V/700mA
    Power: AC adapter
    Dimensions: 131mm x 173mm x 270mm

    Package list:
    1 x 5 Inch Mini Desk Bladeless Fan – White
    1 x AC Charger


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