Waterproof Mini HD Sports Camera with 4 IR LEDs

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    Waterproof Mini HD Sports Camera with 4 IR LEDs


    This Mini HD Sports Camera has been designed for those of you who want to record your extreme sport action in the wildest of conditions.  Wherever you go, whatever the terrain or the weather conditions, you can take the Mini HD Sports Camera with you and record whatever you do there.  The camera is waterproof and rugged and with its wide angle lens it will keep a faithful record of your wildest deeds and actions. This camera is very small and weighs very little but it will stand up to being dropped, getting wet or being knocked – all within reason, of course.  There is an integral bracket which means it can be placed on the handlebars of your bike to record your mountain biking adventures. Fastening it elsewhere using the mounting strap you can take it with you while you kayak through the rapids or while you swim with the dolphins – so versatile yet so durable.The Mini HD Sports Camera records in 720p video and still photographs – you will be amazed by the quality of its production and will be very happy with the quality of the videos you subsequently produce from it. The Mini HD Sports Camera can support up to 32GB storage cards also. There are 4 white and 4 infrared LEDS mounted on the body of the Mini HD Sports Camera so that you can record at night and in dark places. There is a also a motion detector on the camera so that you can leave it to record unattended.
    This is the ideal camera for extreme sports lovers who are going to play hard and work their camera hard. It is available at a very reasonable price from Ankaka, your online specialist in consumer electronic products.

    1. Mini sports camera
    2. Motion detection
    3. High definition 720p
    4. Waterproof up to 30 meters!
    5. 4 White LED and 4 IR LEDs
    6. Ultra durable
    7. Comes with bicycle handlebar mount and helmet strap

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Main function: sports camera
    CMOS sensor: 5.0 Mega Pixels
    Video output: NTSC/PAL
    Video format: AVI (1280x720, 30fps)
    Photo format: JPEG (2560x1920)
    LED: 4 cool white and 4 IR
    LED indication: power, recording
    Waterproof: IP68, waterproof up to 30 meters!
    Max micro SD card supported: 32GB
    MAX Lux:1

    - 2.5mm female AV out
    - Micro USB
    - Micro SD card slot
    Battery capacity: 900mAh
    Battery life: 2 hours (without LED light)
    Color: yellow
    Dimensions: 89mm x 39mm x 34mm

    Package List:
    1 X Camera unit
    1 X Bicycle handle bar mount
    1 X AV cable
    1 X USB cable
    1 X English user manual


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    Can you link me to a video clip that shows only the usage of the 4 IR LEDs[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please refer to the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1-i1J2GAU8

    2013-09-14 14:47:15 Ron Lahat

    sorry forgot the link http://www.youtube.com/user/flickinlures?feature=mhee rgdsMark

    2013-01-10 04:42:30 Mark

    I purchased one of these great little cameras,i upgraded the micro SD card to a 32GB and now use it on all my fishing trips, i dropped it down to around 8mtrs and had no issues with at all with it , a top little camera check out my youtube channel to see the quality of this unit rgds Mark

    2013-01-10 04:40:49 Mark

    4GB Waterproof Mini HD Sports Camera with 4 IR LEDs This article has sound [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, it can record audios.

    2011-11-08 04:13:10 tiziano

    Your 4GB Waterproof Mini HD Sports Camera with 4 IR LEDs rec audio? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes.

    2011-11-06 05:25:23 riccardo