3-in-1 Solar Mini Speaker Charger + MP3 Player + Alarm Clock with USB Port & SD Card Slot

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    3-in-1 Solar Mini Speaker Charger + MP3 Player + Alarm Clock with USB Port & SD Card Slot 

    Note; The color will be sent in option depending on the color we have in stock.Usually we have black and white versions.


    This is a fantastic solar powered product that has many useful functions.  The integral Li-ion batteries use the power of the sun to recharge saving you electricity costs and enabling you to recharge wherever you are.  The speaker system is powerful and strong and provides excellent audio from your laptop, MP3 player or other storage device.  The USB and SD connections enable you to play music directly from a hard disc or SD card. The alarm function can be used to wake you up and the display also shows you the temperature.  On top of all that, you can also use it to charge your mobile phone.  Oh, and it also has a remote control!

    Any bright light or the sun can power this mini speaker and it will continue to play.  While it is playing it is also recharging the battery so that you can use it in the dark or indoors in low lighting conditions.  Given that so many of us have devices that regularly need recharging you can also do that with this device, even when nowhere near an electric socket.

    As well as the possibility of playing whatever music it can find on your hard disc or SD card, this speaker can also play FM radio stations.  Plug in your portable music device and it can play whatever is on that as well, with a bright and clear tone. You will be amazed at the quality of the audio output of these speakers – it puts much more expensive speakers to shame, producing bright high sounds and punchy and powerful low notes. Full stereo, expensive, sound quality at a low price! And it will work with iPhones and iPods, all MP3 and MP4 players, portable DVD and games players and consoles, tablets, PCs – the list is endless!

    The Solar Mini Speaker Charger uses advanced technology to convert raw light power into electrical power that you can use on the go.  But it also has an alarm clock and temperature display giving you information and keeping you up to date and on time.

    Ankaka will ship this to you or your drop-shipping customers with express delivery. Ankaka is a world leader in electronics and has an excellent reputation for quality and efficiency.

    1. Solar solution speaker system!
    2. Solar charger for your cellphone and other portable devices too
    3. Plays MP3 files
    4. Amazing sound and LOUD too!
    5. Alarm Clock function
    6. Temperature display
    7. Great wholesale price

    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Primary Function: Solar Mini Speaker Charger + MP3 Player + Alarm Clock
    Internal Memory: No
    External Memory: SD / SDHC Cards up to 8 GB, USB drives up to 8 GB
    Speaker Specifications:
    - Audio Output: 2.4W
    - Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >89db
    - Frequency Response: 100hz to 20Khz
    - Distortion: >0.5%
    Speaker Connections:
    - USB to DC5V port: for powering and charging the internal battery with your computer's USB port
    - USB female port: plug in USB flash drive to play MP3 files
    - SD Card slot: insert SD card to play MP3 files
    - Device Charge slot: attach your cellphone and other portable devices
    - 3.5 mm (RCA) socket: plug into auxiliary device earphone port
    Speaker Controls:
    - ON/OFF Switch: YES
    - Volume Control: YES
    - Play/Pause: YES
    - Previous/Next Song: YES
    - Mode Switch: YES
    - Clock Adjust / Set: YES
    - Temperature Celsius / Fahrenheit Toggle: YES
    - Timer: YES
    Power Source: Internal battery, Solar Panel, USB connection
    Music formats supported: MP3
    FM Radio: YES
    Battery Specifications:
    - Type: high capacity rechargeable Lithion-Ion
    - Source: Recharge using solar panel (sunlight or bright room light) or USB connection
    - Charge Time: 4 hours
    - Usage Time: 2-3 hours
    - Capacity: 1200 mAH
    Dimensions: 175 x 88 x 78 (mm)

    Notes from the Manufacturer:
    Alarm clock (with snooze) and timer functionality!
    Displays the temperature too!
    Comes with cellphone attachments for Nokia, Samsung, etc brand cellphones allowing you to solar charge your cellphone and other portables devices.
    Use this is as a standalone MP3 player or as a traditional speaker.
    This unit is loud! Don't be surprised if the police knock on your door and ask you to turn down the volume.
    This makes a wonderful iPod or iPhone or iPad speaker!
    Comes with a remote control.

    Package List:
    1 X Mini Speaker MP3 Player
    1 X USB to attachment tips cable
    1 X Assorted cellphone and portable device attachment tips
    1 X USB to DC5V cable
    1 X 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm RCA cable
    1 X Remote Control
    1 X User Manual - English


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    ¿El envio es gratuito por Air Mail a España? 3-in-1 Solar Mini Speaker Charger + MP3 Player + Alarm Clock with USB Port & SD Card Slot Coste total: Paypal [ANKAKA REPLIED] Our product has very detailed descriptions on the product page. If you can’t find the information you require, pls kindly email us or contact us with sale@ankaka.com.

    2014-02-08 14:31:24 Cesped

    Sir, I am in need of 2nd generation 3 in1 solar mini speaker mp3 with charger. As go on line I get it has been sold out. When the stock will come please feed back to me. regards, Sridhar [ANKAKA REPLIED]we have item C10816 in stock, please order from our website directly.

    2013-11-25 11:04:52 krishnaswamy

    Would it charge an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, this cannot charge an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S.

    2012-08-23 18:06:39 Murillo

    Hello, please tell me this gadget can run only on solar cell (if the battery is low)?[ANKAKA REPLIED] This gadget can be charged directly through the USB Cable, it has batteries inside.Whether it can run only on solar depends on the solar level and charging time.

    2012-07-24 17:14:08 Sobolenko

    The display is bright and can be seen at night? thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]This time is displayed in black color and can't been seen at night.

    2012-05-21 17:36:47 Roberto

    Hi, I just wanted to confirm you that I received the Speaker in perfect condition and thank you for all your kind help and assistance. It was a real pleasure dealing with you and surely I will be back. Until soon. Many kind regards

    2011-12-06 23:54:37 Zoran