36 Inch GYRO Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter (Huge Size)

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    The new 36-inch GYRO Metal 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter is one of the flying remote controlled helicopters which are sophisticated yet powerful device leaded with couple of specialized and unique features than any average toy. This helicopter is designed with the inner gyro that combines the function of dual lock as well as head lock. The GYRO version in this helicopter has adapted Angular Vector Control System (AV- CS system) with which the functioning and operation of head lock becomes steadier and delivers outstanding performance.
    Owing to the presence of the AV - CS system, operation of the tail rudder certainly carried out easily. As it has been found that rudder trim changes that are causing to wind as well as other meteorological changes as well as other attitude changes, the AV-CS system cancels all the changes automatically making it perfectly suitable for 3D flight.

    Product Features & Specifications:
    - Includes GYRO
    - Electric powered with intelligent method
    - Full control with remote
    - 360 degrees exact direction wise movements
    - Metal Body with Rotor

    Pros & Cons:
    - Higher performance close to 4-channel radio control
    - Easier to control
    - Simple and easy to fly
    - Excludes function of "side flying"
    The helicopter is packed with elegant design and easy to control length as well as breadth wise. Indeed, a good helicopter with high value and easy to use available at competitive prices.


    More stable, easy to operate and fly
    360 degree precise directional movement
    Improved proportional control system, smooth hovering performance
    Durable material and energy saving

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Control Channels: 3.5 Channels
    Material: aluminum alloy + ABS
    Type: 36 Inch 3.5 channel RC helicopter
    Unit size: 86.5x18x36.5 cm
    Helicopter power supply: 11.1V, 1100mAh lithium battery
    Charging time: 2-3 hours
    Operating time: 6 minutes
    Flying distance: 80-100m
    Controller battery: 8x AA 1.5V (not included)
    Control Specification: forward / backward / up / down / left / right
    Recommended age: 8+
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: WPOHNLOWNLDNHLGJ

    Package List:

    1 x 36 Inch GYRO Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter (Huge Size)
    1 x English Manual

36 Inch GYRO Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter (Huge Size)

    360 degree precise directional movement

36 Inch GYRO Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter (Huge Size)

    Durable high quality material and energy saving

36 Inch GYRO Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter (Huge Size)

    Improved RC control system,easy to operate and fly


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