3 Channel Gyro i-helicopter RC Motion Controlled by iphone/ipad/itouch

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    The Gyro i-Helicopter is a small toy helicopter that can be controlled with an iPhone/ iPad/ iTouch. This extremely fun and addictive toy is reasonably priced and is great fun for all ages.

    The helicopters essential features are that it can be controlled by an iPhone, iPad or iPod. It contains a built Gyroscope, which maintains stable flight and a battery safe guard. It can be moved back, forward, up, down, left and right with controlled light. It has a compact design made of strong steel material. It has high compatibility and easy, intuitive operation with low power consumption.

    The Gyro i-helicopter is one of the best value remote controlled helicopters currently on the market and makes a great gift for children and adults alike. The only problem is that you may have to buy one for each of your children and one for yourself because once you start flying you won't want to stop and share with anyone else.

        Can be controlled by iPhone, ipad or ipod
        Bulit-in Gyroscopes and battery safe-guard
        Function: UP, Down, Forward, Backward, Left/Right Turn, With Controlled Light
        Steel Material   
        High Compatibility & Easy Operation
        Support legacy IR System
        Compact Design
        Low Power consumption

    Manufacturer Specifications:

        Helicopter Dimension: 23.0cm(L) x 12.5cm(H) x 5.0cm(W)
        Box size: 27 x 10.5 x 17.5 cm
        Battery:3.7V 240mah battery (Included)
        Charging time: 30-45 mins
        Flight time: 5-8 mins
        USB Cable charged
        Color- Silver

    Package List:

        1 x i-helicopter
        1 x USB Charger Cable
        1 x Controller Interface Adapter


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