2.5 Inch Digital Peephole Viewer with TFT LCD Screen & 2.0 MP CMOS Sensor

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    2.5 Inch Digital Peephole Viewer with TFT LCD Screen & 2.0 MP CMOS Sensor


    Get clear images of people knocking your door with safety and convenience!

    This well-designed digital peephole viewer comes with a beautiful large LCD screen that shows faces in details. Thanks to its wide viewing angle of 190 degrees you will be able to notice accurately how many persons are waiting to meet you.

    Since the world is far from being safe, humankind needs technologies which are able to bring comfort and security. This is the point of having a digital peephole viewer: you will be able to check easily people standing in front of your door while keeping it locked!

    You don't have a peephole or the old one inserted in your door is not suitable for your kids, grandparents or even yourself as no one can see very well who is behind? You worry about your family when you are out because you never know who may come to pay a visit? When you hear the bell ringing simply press the unique button and your visitors will appear distinctly. The time of seeing only weird shapes through old peepholes is over! Especially for those wearing glasses and who have bad eyesight.

    If someone you don't want to talk to is knocking, they won't know you are actually at home! Moreover it is power-saving since the viewer turns on for 10 seconds only per your request and then shuts down. The free-wiring installation is very easy and will be done in a few minutes with all instructions in the user manual. After set up, the digital peephole will look like a normal peephole, which means the screen is hidden from intruders standing behind your door.

    Considering the world is not a fairy tale, order now the digital peephole viewer for your family or yourself as this is making crazy sales among housewives. All this is brought to you at an unbeatable price by the leader in China wholesale electronics, Ankaka.

    Looks like a standard peephole from outside
    Peephole viewer with large LCD screen
    Convenient and easy installation

    Manufacturer Specifications
    Screen type: TFT LCD
    Main function: peephole viewer
    Screen size: 2.5 inch
    CMOS sensor: 2.0 Mega pixels
    Lifetime: 1700 peeps
    Button: ON
    Power supply: 2 AA batteries
    Door thickness: 35-57mm (1.38-2.24inch)
    Color: black and white
    Barrel diameter: 14mm
    Viewing angle: 190 degrees
    Screen dimensions: 145mm x 88mm x 30mm

    Package List:
    2.5 Inch Digital Peephole Viewer with TFT LCD Screen & 2.0 MP CMOS sensor
    Tightening tool
    Base flange
    English manual

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