2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter w/ Infrared Remote Controller

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    2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter w/ Infrared Remote Controller

    This product comes with both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter uses the advanced  2.4GHz wireless frequency to get the benefits of a long transmission range, strong anti-interference properties, and high portability. It can wirelessly transmit signals from DVD players, DVRs, CCD cameras, IPTVs, satellite STBs, digital TV STB among other devices that get inputted and displayed into a TV at the receiving end. You can also use the included Infrared remote control at the receiving end to control the device from a distance. This product allows you to easily share HD Audio/Visual data wirelessly and enjoy it with impeccable clarity and quality.

    1) 2 .4GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with four selectable channels
    2) Supports PAL and NTSC standards
    3) Works through walls, floors, and ceilings

    Manufacturer specifications:
    Goes with CATV and wireless TV
    Unique stereo audio and noiseless operation
    Remote control of the A/V source with the IR extender (433MHz) and is compatible with VCD DVRs, Set-top cable boxes, and Satellite Receivers
    Range up to 100 meters in an open field
    Works through walls, one floor and ceiling, After 3 walls, its range is about 20-30m.
    Transmits the A/V signals from the sender to the receiver for display on any TV
    Low power consumption
    Compact housing and 2.4GHz antennae
    Compatible with camcorder or CMOS camera applications

    Package list:
    1 x wireless transmitter
    1 x Receiver
    2 x AV cable
    2 x Power adapter
    1 x IR cable


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    We are looking iptv for international channel receiver such as indian /arabic etc . can we sell this device like JADOO2. Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]This item is different from JADOO2 you mentioned. It is just a wireless transmitter for IPTV signal.

    2012-02-26 13:03:32 mohammed

    hello what are the ins/outs on the item i can see component video but what else is there? [ANKAKA REPLIED]It has input/output RCA interface built-in. Video input/output: 1Vp-p(PAL/NTSC). Audio input/output: 1Vp-p. It supports videos output from DVRs, CCD cameras, IPTVs, satellite STBs, digital TV STB, etc.

    2011-08-16 10:53:37 Scott