2.4GHz Wireless Audio Video + IR Remote Transmission Set

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    2.4GHz Wireless Audio Video + IR Remote Transmission Set
    Wireless audio and video transmitter and receiver for sending AV and remote control IR signals.

    Wires are such a pain, and video cables running across the living room floor are just an eye sore. This wireless audio and transmission kit takes the hassle (and the cables) out of normal audio visual installations. Set up the transmitter with your DVD player or camera in one room, and on your TV screen see and hear what is going on. Added features include the IR transmission booster that will let you remotely control up to 2 different devices from the receiving set for easy viewing and controlling, as well large transmitting and receiving dishes that are positionable for the best possible signal strength. Why not set up a remote television so you can watch whatever on in the lounge in the bedroom or use the kit to simply extend the coverage of your spy camera setup? Now you can, with the CVSB-889!

    An extremely handy product and something that you'll always enjoy for it's pure simplicity. In stock in our warehouse right now, so order yours today and be enjoying it in your home next week!

    Manufacturer Specifications

    • Product Description: Wireless Audio / Video Transmission Set
    • Connection: RCA
    • Working Frequency: 2350-2550MHz (2.4GHz)
    • Typical Range for AV and IR: 20~30 Meters (depending on obstructions)
    • Channels Available: 4
    • Visual Signal Format: PAL or NTSC
    • Audio Input Impedance: 1K Ohm
    • Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
    • Power Source: 7.5V
    • Dimensions: 80mm x 85mm x 32mm (both units are the same size)
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale1J0LMMNK7ZE8

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • Simple installation
    • Low interference signals
    • Large and positional transmission/ receiving dishes for added signal strength
    • 4 Channels for minimizing interference
    • 2 IR sensors for controlling up to 2 devices connected to the transmitter

    Package List for Model CVSB-889

    • Wireless AV Transmission Set
    • User Manual - English
    • Power Adapters (100-240V)
    • AV Cables

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