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2nd Generation Fashion 5 Megapixel HD 1080p Eyewear Sunglasses Camera Spy Camera DVR

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    When capturing an event either, in picture or video format, the quality of the images is always the first priority. With the 2nd Generation Fashion 5 megapixel HD 1080p Eyewear Sunglasses Camera Spy Camera DVR, quality is well taken care of as it contains a 5.0 megapixels camera and 1920 X 1080 video resolution. It also contains a TF card slot which can support up to 32GB. This makes it possible for you to store your data even in large sizes.

    The fact that the device is designed as common sunglasses makes it portable and one can capture scenes without being noticed. Its lithium battery makes it more efficient as one will not require an external power source provided the battery is charged. The device comes along with a USSB cable, a carrying pouch and an English user manual.


    5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Camera
    Fashionable Design
    High Resolution Video of 1920 x 1080P
    Real-time Recording Supported
    With TF Card Slot, Support TF Card up to 32GB (not included)

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Primary Function: Eyewear Sunglasses Camera
    Camera Pixel: 5.0 Megapixels
    Video Format: AVI
    Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Video Frame Rate: 30 fps (maximum)
    Image Format: JPG
    Image Resolution: 1280 * 720
    Image Ratio: 16:9
    Memory: support external micro-SD/TF card maximum 32GB (not included)http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-memory-cards_c10069
    USB Interface: USB 2.0
    Power Source: built-in 500 mAh lithium battery
    Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60 degree C
    Storage Temperature: - 20 ~ 80 degree C
    OS Supported: Windows me/2000/XP/ 2003/vista:M
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale OIJARLKWRRALKLSDKK

    Package List:

    1 x 2nd Generation Fashion 5 Megapixel HD 1080p Eyewear Sunglasses Camera Spy Camera DVR
    1 x Black Carrying Pouch
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x English User Manual

    Fashionable Design

    Fashionable Design

    High Resolution Video of 1920 x 1080P

    High Resolution Video of 1920 x 1080P

    5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Camera

    5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Camera


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    it say that I must install with CD. accompanied with camera. I did not receive a CD. Is there a download you can send me? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Dear Customer, you can use it directly without CD if for recording. We do not include CD in our package list.

    2014-10-23 06:32:30 wendy mcentyre

    good morning: I am interested in purchasing the article: question: can exchange the glass sheets by others? I can use my glasses glasses in this article? thanks for your reply [ANKAKA REPLIED] We do not recommend changing the glass sheets unless by professional engineers.

    2014-03-19 22:23:31 roberto aguilar palpa

    Hallo, is possible to have a pdf of instruction's manual. I need to change date and time. Best regards. Fabio Berattino [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2014-03-02 12:34:01 Fabio

    hello, I would like to know the battery life with glasses on the upswing and how long it takes to recharge the battery thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]The item can record 1-2 hours.

    2014-01-30 08:00:39 stefano

    hi sorry i want to know if i connect a backup battery to it can i record continuously more than 2 hour? can it record with charging? Simply i want to record more than 4 or 5 hours .Is it a Solution for this? and every minute of recorded video take how many capacity of memory? tanks [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com with your inquiry.

    2014-01-12 20:03:39 sivaz

    How long with it record video before battery down ? Will i record sound ? Whare can I see other video samples (outside for example) ? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]It can records for 1-2 hours and can record video with sound, but cannot just record sound. You can see the video when it connects with the PC.

    2013-11-25 21:12:01 bedicou

    I want the glasses for university lectures. When i push record how long does the video recording last till its cuts out?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Its recording time is about 1-2 hours.

    2013-11-12 07:28:16 shalom

    How long is the battery backup? Like how many hours it can be used? [ANKAKA REPLIED]it can record for 1-2 hours.

    2013-11-10 15:52:24 Verma

    Does this camera have audio recording? Please email me and let me know . If it does I would like to order a set as a sample. Thank You. [ANKAKA REPLIED]No, the item does not have audio recording.

    2013-10-10 04:29:05 joe

    Does this product have sound recording, and are their any lights or other telltale signs that it is recording that would let some one know that it recording atr night. This seem to be a problem with some of these product (pens). You cant use them at night with out a light blinking that attracts attenion. Please let me know so I can place an order. [ANKAKA REPLIED]It can record video with sound but cannot just record sound. The light won't blink when it records.

    2013-10-03 17:22:03 joe

    Hello i earned this camera and i want to know if i could configure the maximum recording time because the recorder generates filer no longer than 15 mins even if its a continous recording, thanks in advance. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-09-29 01:22:25 César

    I need batteries for these lenses you can sell or recommend me to buy??[ANKAKA REPLIED]We are sorry that we do not sell lenses sepetately.

    2013-09-24 02:09:43 Enrique

    r 2nd Generation Fashion 5 Megapixel HD 1080p Eyewear Sunglasses Camera Spy Camera DVR: price & send me contact details to all spy glass with ear microphone support included[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com with you inquiry.

    2013-09-23 04:56:17 arunkumar

    Hi i want to know if the batery is really 3000mAH?[ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, it is built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery

    2013-09-22 22:07:26 Enrique

    Hello: I would savoire how to change the date. I Thank You for advance. A + Greetings . [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please contact sale@ankaka.com and include your order number.

    2013-09-12 00:57:56 kingsing

    I need real time video. How does this work? Can I pair it with iPhone or iPad or PC or Mac?[ANKAKA REPLIED]It does not support real time video. You can only copy the video to your PC after recording.

    2013-09-08 22:38:56 William Hawkins

    Hello, how do I set the recording time so it does not stop in 3 minutes? Do you have a video explaining as I have these glasses but it only records for a short amount of time. Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-08-22 02:12:09 derek

    can I use it also with Windows 7 or 8 ?[ANKAKA REPLED]Yes.

    2013-08-20 17:37:46 Hans Mayrhofer