1:8 Scale Nitro Race Car With Pistol Grip Remote (220)

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    1:8 Scale Nitro Race Car With Pistol Grip Remote Control (220)

    • Solid steel gears
    • Four disk brake system
    • 125cc Fuel Tank w/ Filter
    • Front Universal Drive Shafts
    • Heavy Duty Suspension Arms
    • High foam element air filter sponge
    • The package comes with everything you need to get started

    Note: It is very important to read the manual thoroughly before operating this RC super race car. The manual is well written and full of detailed information.

    This 125cc 1/8-scale nitro fuel powered Race Car brings a whole new meaning to RC Cars. Designed to perfection with aerodynamics and an internal combustion engine, this will blow away what you ever experienced before from RC toys! The AKM-T32 is a 4-wheel drive sports car that comes with a nitro fuel powered engine. This is for the for the guy who wants to move-up from battery powered units as well as the beginning hobbyist who wants to move up to the major leagues.

    Absolute raw power is what best describes this speed hungry sports RC super car. This is no ordinary toy. Carefully engineered and built to simulate real life racing with the rush and feeling you would normally get from an actual life sized race car. With this baby you get a responsive throttle, our disk brake system, solid steel gears, high torque steering, wheel rims and cube nailed tread tires, lightweight leak proof engine with solid universal joint cups, high-quality aluminum shock towers that reduce weight for improved on-track performance without sacrificing handling or strength, and the ability to mod and upgrade parts to your liking.

    If you are ready for excitement and enjoy working with your hands (and mind) to make your RC toy zoom across a field or track and show off your skills, then you deserve to treat yourself to the fun you will get with a nitro RC car! This fantastic nitro fueled RC super race car is in stock now and available at an unbelievable factory direct wholesale price. Get yours today from the leaders in wholesale consumer electronics, ankaka.

    Manufacturers Specification

    • Primary Function: 1:8 Scale Nitro Race Car With Pistol Grip Remote Control (220)
    • Features:
      - 1/8 Scale
      - Four disk brake system
      - Powerful shot protection performance
      - Solid steel gears and differential gears
      - Four wheel drive system
      - Backend universal joint
      - Lightweight engine, flywheel & solid universal joint cups
      - Wheel Rims and Cube nailed tread tires
      - High foam element air filter sponge
      - Front and Rear metal sway bars
      - Oiled filled shock absorbers
      - Front Pivot Ball Suspension
      - Front Universal Drive Shafts
      - Complete Ball Bearings
      - Low CG Radio Tray
      - Fully Adjustable Suspension
      - High Torque Steering Servo
      - Spiral Cut Steel Conical Gears
      - Heavy Duty Suspension Arms

    • Technical Parameters:
      - Gear Ratios: 1 : 9.6
      - Engine: 21CXP / 2.4GHz
      - Radio: 2 Channel AM 27MHZ / 2.4GHz
      - 27MHZ CE approved Radio system
      - Solid 6064/T6 anodized solid aluminum chassis
      - Powerful .21 Pull Start Engine
      - Miles or KM Per hour: 80km/ h
      Fuel Tank: 125cc
      Glow Plug Ignite Charge Time: 8-9hours

    • Throttle Onboard Operational Buttons & Indicators:
      - Antenna
      - Steering Trim
      - Throttle Trim
      - Crystal
      - Throttle Trigger
      - LED Working Indicator
      - Power Switch
      - Steering reverse Switch
      - Throttle Reverse Switch

    • Certification: CE, RoHs
    • Dimensions: L:50 x H:11 x W:29.5 (cm) / Tail Gate to floor = 20cm
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: WHOLESALEJF973LI85H96

    Notes from Manufacturers

    • 2 channel radio system
    • Super fast, please take caution
    • Comprehensively detailed user manual
    • Suspension - Provides quick multi-angle change suitable for any racing surface
    • PERFORMANCE NOTE: Additional gains in steering precision were made by incorporating a pressed-steel bushing, which reduces friction over the entire range of motion, while increasing response time and reducing stress on the throttle remote. The chassis has been extended an additional 2mm to provide increased stability and speed. The chassis tuned flex technology provides significant handling gains by responding precisely to changes in the terrain without sacrificing balance and grip. With updated steering geometry that allows for increased consistency

    Package List for AKM-T32

    • 1:8 Scale Nitro Race Car With Pistol Grip Remote Control (220)
    • Remote Control throttle
    • Spare Parts
    • Glow Ignition Plug
    • Power Charger for Ignition plug (220v)
    • Instruction Manual - English

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    • What is the solution if the engine gets flooded
      Remove the glow plug, crank engine so that the excess fuel flows out. It is important as to take care when performing such operations, as the fuel might leak out vertically due to pressure, so keep the area above the engine clear.
    • What should I do if the engine overheats
      Permit the engine to cool down, then gently unscrew the needle valve at 60 degrees and re-start the engine.
    • If the weather is too cold, and the gas powered RC car does not start up, what should I do?
      Turn the valve to 60 degrees and start the engine and let it warm up. After the engine is warmed up turn of the Fuel powered RC car and re-position the valve accordingly, and you should be good to go from there. It��s like warming up an old car if you live in Canada or England and you use the chalk to warm that engine of the car.


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