1.2GHz Wireless Transmitter + Receiver - 80 Meter Range - AV Out

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    1.2GHz Wireless Transmitter + Receiver - 80M Range
    Mini 1.2GHz wireless transmitter adapter plus 1.2GHz wireless receiver security set for making any RCA wired camera into a long ranged wireless security camera. Imagine the ease of a wireless camera's setup, mixed with the quality that wired cameras can give, and you will begin to see how versatile and excellent this product really can be. With this security wireless transmitting adapter, video and audio will be transmitted up to 80 Meters without any interference, and then all you have to do is plug the wireless receiver into any device with AV IN to see the pictures. A super security set, with great possibilities, and incredibility low wholesale price.

    China Manufacturer SpecificationReceiver Specifications
    • Receiving Frequency: 1.2GHz
    • Intermediate Frequency: 480Mhz
    • Frequency Stabilization: +/-100Khz
    • Demodulation Mode: FM
    • Antenna: 50ohm SMA
    • Receiving Sensitivity: -85dBm
    • The power jack of the receiver: DC 12V 500MA
    • The power jack of the camera:  DC   9V 500MA
    • Dimension: 114x81x21mm (LxWxD)
    • 4 Selectable Receiving Channels for Multiple Cameras
    • AV OUT
    Transmitter Specifications
    • Transmission Frequency: 1.2GHz
    • 1 Channel
    • Locked Frequencies
    • Operation Temperature: 0 ~ +35 deg C
    • Transmission Range: 70~80 Meters
    • Connection: RCA (Audio and Video)
    • The power jack of the receiver: DC 12V 500MA
    • The power jack of the camera:  DC   9V 500MA
    • Wholesale Electronics Ref.: Wholesale YXJ7KY6DR82T
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    WE require A/v receiver as well as tramsmitter. Please confirm how much complete set shall cost at Delhi. If units works as per expectation then further orders canbe placed. Please also confirm COD facility is available. With regards BHARAT BHUSHAN mOB 9810469181 [ANKAKA REPLY]Please send email to sale@ankaka.com for information.

    2013-11-05 09:18:12 BHARAT BHUSHAN

    Hello, am Edward from Ghana and working on a project which your product item# WFC-007SK can help and want to know the price. I will need 1 transmitter and 5 receivers.Please let me know if these receivers can work with 1 transmitter.send me a quotation on that. thank you [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to the below link for information.

    2013-10-09 05:34:12 Edward Gyimah