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10M Pixels HD Spy Camera Peppermint Mini DVR with High Resolution Lens

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    This is a camera designed as frisk mint candy box which mostly comes in black color. It comes with a 10 mega pixel lens which has a high definition feature meaning its pictures will be crisp clear and well definated. It has a superb video recording-high definition with a resolution of 1280*720, 848*480, 640*480 and also supports audio recording. The video recording format is MOV and AVI. It also comes in handy with a motion detection feature and can be used as a tachograph. It is powered by a built in high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium battery. This high caliber camera supports external memory of up to 32(GB) which is initially not included. It has a video playing software of mainstream and it is compatible with windows operating system 2000, XP, 2003, vista and 7. The charging voltage of this camera is DC-5V and the image resolution is 1600*1200 with a format of JPG. It has a computer interface of MINI5 Pin USB port. In its package is a installation CD, charging USB and a English manual.


    10 Mega Pixel Lens with High Definition
    HD Spy Camera + Video Recording + Audio Recording
    Motion-detecting Function
    Can be Used as Tachograph
    A Spy Camera Designed as Frisk Mint Candy Box
    Built-in High-capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Support External Memory of up to 32GB(not included) http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-memory-cards_c10069

    Manufacturer Specifications:

    Video Resolution: 1280*720, 848*480, 640*480
    Recording Format:MOV and AVI
    Video Code: H.264
    Image Resolution: 1600*1200
    Image Format: JPG
    Playing Software: Video Playing Software of Mainstream
    OS: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
    Memory: Support External Memory of up to 32GB (not included) http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-memory-cards_c10069
    Charging Voltage: DC-5V
    Battery Type: High-capacity polymer lithium battery, 500MA
    Interface Type: MINI5 Pin USB
    Ankaka Wholesale Ref.: Wholesale IUZOXNGADO

    Package List:

    1 x 10M Pixels HD Spy Camera Peppermint Mini DVR with High Resolution Lens
    1 x Date Transferring USB
    1 x English Manual

    10 Mega Pixel Lens with High Definition

    10 Mega Pixel Lens with High Definition

    HD Spy Camera + Video Recording + Audio Recording

    HD Spy Camera + Video Recording + Audio Recording

    A Spy Camera Designed as Frisk Mint Candy Box

    A Spy Camera Designed as Frisk Mint Candy Box


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    Hi, I would like to know about the spy camera of 10 Mega Pixels HD Peppermint DVR with High Resolution Lens. Can you please give the answer to my below question inorder to purchase the same. How long is the recording duration. The warranty of the camera Price of the camera Can delivery the same to kerala, how many days after forward the order. How to proceed the order for the delivery and the payment mode. Is it COD. Your well advise in the given mail address is soliciated. Manu[ANKAKA REPLIED]Please refer to http://www.ankaka.com/contact_us.html , or email to sale@ankaka.com for more info.

    2013-10-05 04:47:48 Manu

    The packaging is discrete: it comes in a Rumikub box. It comes however without a manual and without the driver software. So it's hard to understand how it works exactly: the video's I've managed to make with them are in decent quality. Seeing other manuals, the software would be required to set the timestamps on the video. A link to software and a PDF for the manual would make me rate this higher.[ANKAKA REPLIED] Please email sale@ankaka.com and include the order number with your inquiry.

    2013-09-25 05:48:00 T

    Mr. Seller, Please inform: 1 - Measures of the camera? 2 - How long the battery supports normal recording and motion detection? 3 - The battery can be replaced? Thank you, Martins [ANKAKA REPLIED] This is discontinued.

    2013-04-08 17:10:26 MARTINS